Customer is king

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At Del Monte (USA) the IT and supply chain teams joined forces to help enable retail customers to operate at greater than 99 per cent accuracy and to run the supply chain with negative working capital.

Dave Allen, SVP supply chain at Del Monte (USA) reckons 90 per cent of supply chain value comes from efficient execution. He says: “The plan is always going to change. We needed capabilities that would enable us to respond to any deviation from our demand plans at the point of sale.” In order to achieve this it chose a SaaS system from One Network, which generates demand signals from daily POS data and combines them with existing forecasts to create inventory replenishment transactions.

Del Monte uses the system to plan transport orders and schedule delivery appointments, plus its customer teams use the tool to monitor and anticipate out of stock events and collaborate with retail customer replenishment teams to jointly resolve issues before they arise.

Del Monte is now working to extend the demanddriven operating model to its network of suppliers and co-packers.

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