Thinking outside the box

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The confectioner was keen to boost supply chain efficiency and customer service by improving collaboration and visibility. It realised this would only be possible if all relevant systems were joined up and everyone involved, from company managers to key partners across the extended supply chain, were able to manage supply chain events in real-time.

Cadbury has seen a £45,000 reduction in transport costs due to the elimination of incorrectly addressed loads, and no loads have been delivered to the wrong address since implementation.

Additionally, as the company is able to monitor and “talk-in” any potentially failed deliveries caused by customer challenges, it has reduced the number of returned loads, saving £50,000.

Both these improvements have resulted in an increase in customer service levels, which are reportedly at the highest point since records began.

Furthermore, Cadbury has taken 40,000 miles off the roads and saved £50,000 by reducing staff through better planning.

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