3663 cuts parking fines by a quarter

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Food service provider 3663 has replaced its “homemade” fleet management database with Chevin’s Fleetwave asset management software.

The system has also led to a saving of £300,000 a year in reduced parking fines after the PCN Pal module was added in 2008.

3663 deals with some 800 PCNs per month, which are now handled centrally rather than by each individual depot.

Susan Morrison, 3663 fleet support manager, explains the new system. “Notices are faxed to us daily by the depots and we then process them, deciding which ones we are paying and which we will appeal. They are recorded in FleetWave on a daily basis with any correspondence relating to each individual fine, and the system then generates appeal letters as and when they are required.”

The system is also able to create reports, including the total amount of fines paid, identification of hotspots and top ten lists of any category, such as location, driver or vehicle.

Once the reports are generated the data is used by each depot to look into delivery locations and the restrictions in force to check if there are alternative parking areas, or if delivering goods at a different time of day would eliminate fines.

“The process is more manageable, adds Morrison. “Information is easily obtained and it is all stored on one principal database.

“By using the FleetWave software package, we have reduced our parking fines by 25 per cent per annum. This has been achieved by collating all the data, identifying hotspots and then dealing with the issues, for example, finding parking alternatives at delivery points.”

3663 has more than 1,000 trucks, 600 cars and 700 pieces of materials handling equipment so needed a system which was flexible, easy to access and scalable.

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