DS Smith extends use of JLT forklift PCs

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DS Smith Packaging has purchased additional JLT 1214 series rugged fixed mount PCs for its fleet of forklift trucks supplied by Mobexx.

This move is a step forward in making the JLT 1214 the standard touchscreen PC across all three sites. The 12 inch computers are designed to offer real-time data communication and capture tasks.                 

“Our decision to standardise on the product follows extensive use at three key sites where the computers have been tested in extreme conditions. The manufacturing environment in which we work is challenging and the forklift trucks are working both inside and outside at all times of year,” said Glyn Tomlinson, regional IT manager, DS Smith Packaging.
“We opted for solid state disk drives (SSD) in the computers with a customised Windows XP operating system. This adds further ruggedness and reliability to our system. In operations where forklift trucks are running over uneven ground, SSDs are a better option to standard hard disks,” he added.
The in-vehicle computers run the mobile side of DS Smith Packaging’s paperless business systems. They provide the wireless interface for the forklift drivers to the back office system, sending jobs directly to them using Citrix.

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