Samsung puts Manhattan in Russia

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Samsung Electronics has installed Manhattan Associates’ WMS at its new automated, 55,000 sq ft national distribution centre at the Vorsino industrial park in Kaluga, 50 miles south west of Moscow.

The implementation was conducted as part of a wider supply chain systems re-engineering exercise for Samsung’s Russian subsidiary Samsung Rus, and was led by Samsung Electronics’ IT subsidiary, Samsung SDS.

Manhattan Associates ‘GeoPartner’ Korus Consulting was responsible for designing, configuring and testing Manhattan’s system, for training key users of the technology and for developing system generated reporting templates.

end user training and final integration testing between the Manhattan and SAP systems was completed at the same time as the NDC in Kaluga was being fitted out with materials handling equipment.

Trusov Alexander, WMS manager at Samsung Rus said: “To ensure that this project was successful, we needed to form strong partnerships across Asian, European and American specialists and take a truly unified approach to the project. Given the cultural identities and the varying approaches to business and management that exist in Asian, European and American companies, we managed to overcome those differences

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