Incident reporting tool for fleet managers

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Codegate is launching an incident reporting tool designed to reduce the time fleet managers have to spend on administration around incident reports.

The tool allows drivers to record any kind of road incident from an accident to an inspection from The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency.

Terran Churcher, Codegate’s chairman, said: “The form orientated software, running on a hand held computer, prompts the driver to enter all the required data surrounding the incident.”

During discussions with its client and an insurance company, Codegate discovered that organisations operating fleets of vehicles face two common problems surrounding incident reporting.

“Firstly, drivers often take considerable time before reporting an incident, unless it is an accident which results in the vehicle being unable to be driven,” said Churcher. “The quicker, accurate and detailed reporting of an incident/accident is submitted to your insurance company, the quicker the facts can be established and the claim settled, reducing administration costs for both your organisation and the insurance company. This reduced administration can result in savings being passed on by way of lower premiums.”

“Secondly, if the road incident covers a VOSA inspection, the driver may not report why the vehicle was stopped, or what actions were concluded, leaving fleet managers ill informed. Plotting the history of VOSA actions and recommendations can highlight training or health and safety needs, helping to establish best practice corporate duty of care.”

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