Safe and sound

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Record management provider, The Hill Company, enlisted the Invicta Group to design and install an archive storage facility that could cope with its rapid expansion plans.

Flexibility was also a key requirement to enable the storage of different sized cartons in all combinations throughout the warehouse.

One of the main constraints for the project was time as thousands of cartons needed to be transferred from an existing facility each day, so a strict critical path build programme was essential in ensuring operation levels at the two facilities were not affected.

Invicta progressively built a 17m high archive storage racking system that allowed cartons to be scanned and placed into their final resting location as the racking installation progressed, removing the need for double handling at a later date.

The new facility incorporates a three-level Durasteel four hour fire-rated vault, complete with gas suppression and smoke detection systems. Several in-rack fire protected stairwells have also been designed and erected to provide employees with fast and safe access to all levels of the facility.

Douglas Hill, managing director of The Hill Company, says: “Invicta carried out a first-class installation in very difficult circumstances and within very tight time constraints set out from the on-set. This enabled a seamless integration into our new facility and our operations to continue uninterrupted.”

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