DHL Same Day improves dispatch efficiency

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DHL Same Day has improved efficiency of dispatch and increased courier productivity after deploying M-Netics IM2 proof of delivery system.

The company handle more than 4,000 deliveries each day, operating from 31 depots 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The brief for the new mobile computing system included delivering added value for its customers; improving technology and software; and driving performance benefits across the business.

DHL Same Day deployed M-Netics’ IM2 task-based system, which is designed to provide capabilities for DHL Same Day’s customers, employees and the business.

Customers can trace the progress of pick-ups and deliveries through Google Maps and couriers have access to satnav and barcode scanning.

In addition, dispatch teams see a complete real-time view of couriers’ locations and the business can review detailed operational data.

DHL Same Day reckons the customer experience has been improved through real-time tracking of parcels, and pick-up and delivery times have been reduced through efficient route guidance and dispatch.

If there are problems with an order dispatchers can share the information with customers to manage expectations.

Analysing operational data is designed to optimise resource planning, with courier productivity estimated to rise by five per cent through improved dispatch, route guidance and automated data collection.

Veena Bhatt, UK Same Day head of IT, DHL Express UK and Ireland, said: “M-Netics, standard IM2 software… can be configured to meet the exact needs of our employees and customers. M-Netics also produced a detailed technical specification so we knew that the solution would meet every operational requirement. IM2 is also very intuitive to use which is important across our user base of 850 people.”

The core IM2 system is a client/server-based system that is interfaced to back-office systems using XML.

M-Netics recommended Motorola’s MC55 to use in conjunction with its software. The compact rugged device can be used in all weathers and provides GPS, scanner, camera, telephony and flexible wireless connectivity with wide-area GPRS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

When a customer places an order via telephone or online an email is sent to them confirming that a courier has been assigned for their shipment.

A link allows the customer to track and trace the courier using Google Maps. Once collected, the courier scans or records the parcel’s details using the MC55. DHL Same Day’s system then sends a mail to the receiving customer with details on the estimated time of arrival and a tracking link.

Upon delivery, the courier uses the computer to take an electronic signature that is automatically synchronised with IM2 and DHL Same Day’s systems.

Controllers at the depots use the GPS tracking to improve response times by matching the nearest vehicle to the job.

Business analysts can review the operational data collated by IM2, such as vehicle routes and peak times, to more effectively plan resources.

If the courier needs to communicate to the service centre, he/she can do so through the MC55’s phone.

CoPilot satnav is installed on the MC55 to guide couriers to destinations using the fastest route, while barcode scanning and electronic proof of delivery enhance data collection.

DHL Same Day estimates that the service support will reduce computer management and maintenance by 20 per cent.

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