Door company cuts fuel consumption while increasing sales

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Door and window repair company, Doors of Dorset has seen its sales increase by a third after deploying Quartix’s online vehicle tracking system.

The company, which has three vans equipped with Quartix tracking units, has also seen its mileage and fuel consumption drop.

Graham Bird, company director, said: “Vehicle mileage has dropped on average by 100 miles a week, with obvious fuel savings, while sales and productivity have increased.

“Our figures show the same workforce and vehicles have increased average monthly sales from £4,000 to £6,000.

“Savings made using the Quartix system have meant I have been able to hold prices to my customers. Indeed, throughout this 12-month period there have been no price increases and instead of sub-contracting overflow work we have kept it in-house.”

Additionally, work allocation has changed and the ability to know where each vehicle is in real-time means allocation can be done more fairly and efficiently, which in turn provides fuel savings and an improved service for customers.

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