Giant solar panel system for cold store

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Infinite Energy has completed its biggest installation to date, 700 solar panels, at a cold store in Lincolnshire. It is expected to cut the electricity bill by more than £9,500 a year.

Vegetable growers Peter Craven and his brother Stephen, wanted to be able to generate their own electricity to power their cold store.

The installation had to be completed before 1 August 2012, when the feed-in-tariff rate was reduced.

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The 175kWp of solar PV (photovoltaic) system will produce nearly 153,650kWh of energy a year and reduce carbon emissions by 76 tonnes. Infinite Energy reckons it is one of the largest roof-mounted systems in the country.

Peter Craven said: “Now I am able to generate an income from surplus electricity as well as reduce electricity costs for the cold store and cut the vegetable’s carbon footprint.”

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