Route Monkey’s software to support Iceland

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Iceland has implemented Route Monkey’s scheduling technology to all of its 800 UK stores, hoping to enhance its home delivery service.

The software aims to allow the supermarket to maximise the number of customer deliveries it makes each day, by optimising the use of its fleet and driver resources.

John Mackie of Iceland says it also reduces fleet mileage and emissions, he said: “We conducted extensive trials with Route Monkey and were extremely pleased with the return on investment. Fundamentally, this technology allows us to do more deliveries in fewer cumulative miles.”

Route Monkey will also be supplying all of Iceland’s drivers with digital signature capture technology, through PDA devices with GPS tracking.

“The team at Route Monkey worked very closely with us to tailor the scheduling software and PDA technology to our precise requirements, ensuring we get the maximum possible benefits,” added Mackie.

Iceland aims to have both technologies installed in 300 of its stores by the end of summer 2013, with a planned complete roll-out in early 2014.

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