New modules for Autostore WMS

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Central Systems & Automation has introduced two software modules for its Autostore WMS.

The Workload Forecasting & Resource Management module enables users to assign people, stock and MHE simply and predictably across all warehouse areas based on forecast throughput. The Distributed System Management module connects two or more warehouses running independent Autostore WMS applications in a single, secure browser, delivering an enhanced view of operational data, site-by-site.

The Autostore Workload Forecasting & Resource Management module enables users to assess the manning levels required for the scheduled workload by applying pre-defined strategies over precise time periods. The module calculates the total man-hours required to carry out the workload – along with a breakdown of resource demand throughout each period.

Andrew McKaig, commercial director at Central Systems & Automation, says: “Both these new modules further enhance warehouse performance, delivering superior levels of secure operational visibility and resource predictability. The cumulative benefits drive improved real-time decision-making, productivity, accuracy, cost efficiency and crisper customer service – in the warehouse and through the supply chain”.

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