Materials handling initiative saves money for businesses

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Manufacturer BT Rolatruc has devised a programme to help companies save money by reducing the amount of damage that occurs within materials handling operations.

Called Pride in Performance, the initiative is in response to the fact that with many operations there is a relatively high staff turnover, with the average operator experience correspondingly low. Accidents and damage are an unwelcome, but common presence in many applications, says BT Rolatruc.

The company says that a typical site using a fleet of 200 trucks on a three-shift system would employ 600 people. According to its service data, an average £200,000 worth of damage to trucks would arise in one year – the figure could be ten times that when the consequential costs of damage to infrastructure and goods and downtime are taken into consideration.

The Pride in Performance scheme is aimed at setting a new standard of recognition for forklift drivers nationwide with BT Rolatruc providing support as well as a package of materials, including a handbook for supervisors, a DVD film for driver, safety posters and a scoring and incentive system.

The scoring system is points-based and can be easily adopted by all types of company. Badges and certificates are awarded for every quarter so that all operators have a personal record of achievement.

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