New AC-powered electric lift trucks launched6

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Finning (UK), the sole UK distributor of Caterpillar products, says the new EPK PAC range of four wheel, 80V AC electric lift trucks is ideal for heavy duty applications because it delivers the power, durability and performance of conventional diesel engines but “without the associated problem of noise and pollution”.

The latest Cat range includes the EP20K, EP25K, EP30K and EP35K models are said to be suitable for applications that demand the optimum levels of acceleration, traction, speed and braking as well as environments where hygiene requirements prohibit the use of combustion engines. They provide lifting capacities from 2 to 3.5 tonnes respectively.

According to Finning, the AC drive motor generates less heat and electro-magnetic emissions, enabling it to be sealed in an IP 54-rated container that protects against water and dust penetration during operation.

All models have a 500-hour service interval which reduces downtime and results in lower lifetime ownership costs than equivalent DC or diesel/lpg units. Also, the motor’s regenerative braking enhances battery life by feeding energy back to the battery, while improving safety through controlled roll back when the accelerator is released on slopes.

A built-in, programmable controller gives the operator the flexibility to adjust functions such as traction, lift and tilt individually to match the specific requirements of each task. The controller is supplied with five pre-set modes – high performance, economy, normal warehouse, long travel and short shuttle. An intelligent monitoring system and self-diagnostic routine also allows the operator to ensure that the truck is running correctly.

For further information, tel: 01543 437923.

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