Free-standing shelving available

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SSI Schaefer has added free-standing cantilever shelving systems to its range of handling and storage equipment. The R3000 free-standing racks, designed for the storage of high turnover items, comprise support uprights, tie bars, cross braces and cantilever arms with additional tube dividers, dividing shelves and storage trays.

The cantilever arms can be fitted in any position – in steps of 53mm – using the groove on the upright section, and at an angle of 10 degrees. Each cantilever arm, which is designed to support dividing shelves and storage trays, has a maximum load capacity of 50kg.

For the storage of long items, each of the cantilever arms can be fitted with up to three tube dividers for separating individual products from one another. Double-sided cantilever racks are constructed simply by placing single-sided racks back to back.

For further information, tel: 01264 386600.

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