Data-capture terminal offers new standards

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Epic Data International has developed an advanced shopfloor data-capture and communications terminal. The MPT9100, with its graphical interface capability, leading-edge connectivity and rugged industrial design, defines a new standard for automated data-collection and display terminals, says the company.

The terminal enables visually driven applications, improving production systems by providing information to the people who need it, in the right format and at the right time. It features a large, integrated 800×600 SVGA color display. Its built-in touch-screen enables complete support for graphical user interfaces. The MPT9100 also provides a standard SVGA output to large external video display boards to support Visual Factory performance boards.

Other features include auto-identification capabilities, including barcode wands and scanners; an integrated RFID proximity badge reader; an optional magnetic stripe or bar-code badge reader; and digital inputs outputs for interlock access control of facilities and equipment; hands-free two-way voice communications; and power-over-Ethernet capability.

For further information, tel: +00 604 273 9146.

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