Pallet for the food industry

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A state-of-the-art plastic pallet has been added to Teacrate Food’s range of returnable transit packaging (RTP) equipment and which is available through the company’s crate rental and management system.

Teacrate says the new pallet is robust, lightweight, easy to clean and, potentially, far more hygienic than other plastic or wooden pallets, making it “the load carrier the food industry has been waiting for”.

The pallet, which is available in two versions, features an open deck and base. The design ensures that all the debris can be washed off between uses to ensure hygiene standards are not compromised. Constructed from virgin, food grade HDPE, the pallet can be submersed in hot water up to 80°C. Unlike closed deck pallets, the dirty water drains away which means harmful bacteria is not able to build up.

Measuring 1,200mm x 1,000mm, the pallet comes with a choice of three runners and is designed to last for hundred’s of trips.

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