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Chess Logistics’ latest Empirica Warehouse Management system offers advanced new features and functional improvements to enhance support for processes including real-time tasking, despatch load management and processing. Key additions to the product’s Task-RF module mean that Empirica provides extensive visibility of work in progress and outstanding workload. New despatch management functionality meets demand for greater flexibility and new ways of dealing with variations in warehouse processes including consignment switching, de-picking and temporary put-away with improved capacity planning and load build visibility. Also introduced is a new feature enabling users to integrate more RFID-based processes with warehouse and supply chain operations.

Kelvin Hughes is deploying IFS Applications 2004. Supplied by IFS, the integrated solution will automate back-office functions and provide a collaborative supply chain for suppliers, partners and customers. Kelvin Hughes supplies navigation products, systems, data and services to the global professional marine market with offices in the UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Singapore and Shanghai. Ease of deployment and removal of manual tasks were decisive factors in Kelvin Hughes selecting Applications 2004. Kelvin Hughes expects the project to go live in August 2005.

Global eXchange Services (GXS) has launched additional transaction management services to strengthen its global e-commerce integration platform, Trading Grid. GXS’ new capabilities allow businesses to interact with trading partners using both the latest XML standards as well as traditional EDI standards, dissolving the inherent barriers between large and small trading partners and improving intelligence and visibility in the supply chain. Trading Grid will save time and expense by alerting its customers to exceptions before they become emergencies as well as speed up order fulfilment through notifications of document availability as it arrives.

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