Box pallet optimises space

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Kayserberg Plastics’ Combi-Pak is a large scale, made-to-measure box pallet for carrying lightweight but bulky items. It is unusual in that it can be tailored to meet just about any size requirement without the need for bespoke tooling and its associated costs.

The Combi-Pak comprises a custom-sized, twin sheet, thermoformed base, a return collar, a twin sheet thermoformed lid and a one piece or multipart sleeve. The base and lid are fabricated with base dimensions up to 3,100mm x 1,200mm to suit almost every requirement, making the Combi-Pak an extremely versatile proposition.

All bases are reinforced with steel to provide the rigidity necessary for mechanical handling. The units are self-stacking and all have true four-way entry for both forklifts and pallet trucks. Sleeves can be supplied at any height to suit customer requirements and can be made of plastic or fibreboard, depending on stacking strength requirements. They are secured to the base and lid with a slide lock mechanism and can be specified with integral hinge to ease access to the contents.

The ability to tailor the size of Combi-Pak to the specific dimensions of the goods to be carried optimises the use of valuable space in storage, transit and in the assembly area itself.

The return collar enables the sleeve to be flat packed within the dimensions of the base and allows the lid to be then secured to the base, keeping all the components together in a single unit during empty storage and return transport.

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