Minimising coding errors

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Accurate, auditable coding and labelling of goods is becoming increasingly important as mistakes can lead to costly and time-consuming product withdrawals and heavy compensation charges from suppliers.

Imaje’s AutoCoding software minimises the risk of coding errors, thereby reducing production downtime, and enables manufacturers to meet product traceability requirements. Until now the coding industry has relied on third-party vendors for software and IT solutions.

The AutoCoding software solution not only controls coding and scanning equipment but helps eliminate coding errors by removing the manual operation of individual coding devices sited on the production floor. The AutoCoding software also provides a full audit trail, in real-time, for immediate and essential management information for QA and traceability.

The system is based on an architecture whereby each production line together with its coding/scanning devices is controlled by a line terminal, which comprises a user-friendly colour touch screen, holds a complete copy of all system databases and has the capability to operate in local/stand alone mode in the event of server network failure.

The AutoCoding software is fully modular requiring only three mandatory modules to achieve basic AutoCoding. Additional optional modules support more sophisticated features such as integration to an external ERP/Planning system, advanced reporting features, timed quality checks and the ability to manage dates allowing specific rules to be applied to best before, display until and use by dates.

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