Cost-effective solution for variable labels

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Image Computer Systems, which manufactures barcode modules and labelling software, has developed a new solution which uses fast, durable thermal transfer printer technology with an intelligent keyboard to print variable labels without the need for a PC.

Called Solo, the system is designed to offer speed, print quality and ease of use at a very competitive price with the PC software included. It offers a host of templates which can be transferred to the keyboard with the click of a button. Labels stored within the keyboard can then be printed directly and remain tamper-proof.

An optional battery pack transforms Solo into a portable system and there is also the option of interfacing with hand-held scanners or other data collecting devices such as weigh scales.

A compact desktop version of Solo that prints at 5in per second is available at £797 while there is a tougher industrial version, which prints at 6in per second, costing £1,093.

For further information, tel: 01202 876064.

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