Sheds get Eco-friendly treatment

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Gazeley has launched a template for developing environmentally and socially responsible warehousing at low cost across Europe. The ‘EcoTemplate’ is the result of two years of research, conducted by Gazeley and its partners at a cost of more than £660,000.

It suggests initiatives that can be introduced immediately – at a cost of just 50p more per sq ft on standard industry build costs – in order to achieve significant environmental improvements covering landscape issues; C02 emissions; energy savings; water usage; recyclable and prefabricated materials. EcoTemplate also sets out an outline timetable for increasing levels of improvements over time as technological advances and economies of scale increase availability.

Gazeley has already started delivering environmental improvements in its Magna Park developments, and is committed to implementing as many EcoTemplate initiatives as possible on all its new developments. Eleven key initiatives have been included at a new logistics facility currently under construction in Bedford that will cut water usage by 45%, reduce Co2 emissions and harvest 6% of the energy requirement from natural resources.

EcoTemplate re-examines current construction practices and makes recommendations for everything from grass and polycarbonate roofs, and natural ventilation to wind and solar power and roof water collection mechanisms. In recognition of the positive changes Gazeley is making, the Government recently awarded funding for part of the photovoltaic array at Bedford via the Energy Savings Trust, which is part of the DTI.

John Duggan, Gazeley chief executive officer, comments: “Mitigating the environmental and social impact of property development is often seen as difficult

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