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Leuze Mayser has produced the new Entry Exit FT-Muting Guard to provide a simple but essential safety function that can be added to many handling and warehousing operations, preventing employees becoming entwined in machinery such as shrink-wrappers but allowing the free-flow of approved items.

With forklift trucks deployed to remove or place palletised loads onto conveying systems or other in-feeds to automated machines, companies have a legal obligation to provide safety guards that will stop the machine’s operation should a person move too close to the hazard zone. Leuze Mayser says that while fixed guards can be in place either side of the conveyor-run, the problem area is the load/unload point where clear access is needed.

Safety light barriers monitoring across the openings protect staff but once a palletised load is placed on the conveyor it will trigger the safety light barrier, and close all machinery functions.

Leuze Mayser says that is where the FT-Muting Guard is used as it will momentarily negate or “mute” the safety light barrier’s action during the load and collection operations. As the fork truck arrives at the drop-off or pick-up points its mass is detected by inductive loops in the floor which mute the safety beam’s operation and allows the infeed/discharge of a pallet without affecting the action of the shrink wrap machine.

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