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[asset_ref id=”450″]The organisers of the Awards programme have long considered the possibility of introducing an Award for Training & Professional Development. This year they committed to the idea. From the five shortlisted candidates, three demonstrated particularly high levels of excellence: Geodis Wilson, Office Depot International (UK) and Infineon Technologies.

(Andy Kaye, CEO, BiS Henderson, left; Dr Kurt Gruber, corporate vice president, corporate supply chain, Infineon Technologies, with trophy, and team; Rufus Hound)

Office Depot gave an enthusiastic and detailed presentation, outlining the professional development stairway concept that provides the training support to enable an employee to come in at
the ground level and have the opportunity to go right to the top of the organisation. The programme was clearly embedded in the company’s operations and as one judge says: “A particular strength was the degree to which the impact of the training and development was understood, measured and reported back to the board.”

Freight forwarder, Geodis Wilson, made an excellent presentation alongside Cranfield. This was a good example of a top-down, strategy-led approach. However, the judges were concerned that the content of the training programme was not focused enough on the supply chain to justify the Award this year.

The presentation that won the judges over was from Infineon Technologies. “Another impressive programme from an organisation that clearly ‘gets’ the importance of skills development,” says one of the judges. The company’s Academy approach was strong and potentially all-embracing, especially in its global scale and its potential to make good use of partnerships with academia. As a past Overall Winner of The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards, Infineon has clearly made supply chain excellence a central plank of its strategy and its professional development programme is seen as playing a part in strengthening its competitive position. For the judges, Infineon Technologies was the winner.

Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies
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Infineon Technologies


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