Transit packaging boosts efficiency

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High street retailer Boots is using a new transit packaging system designed by Arca Systems which could “revolutionise” the way goods are carried from the warehouse to stores. And Arca is also in talks with other retailers about how the system can improve efficiency, safety and flexibility of their supply chains.

According to Arca, the new method is expected to make roll cages and transit containers “a thing of the past”. They will be replaced by a modular range of stacked containers wheeled on a specially designed dolly.

Containers can easily be taken into the store as shelves are replenished, still stacked on the dolly or carried separately to the shelf. Once empty, they can be collapsed and stacked back on the dolly for return to the warehouse.

The system comprises stackable and foldable crates in various sizes and a unique dolly which can be moved without mechanical handling equipment. The dolly has an 800mm by 600mm base as well as two integral inertia reel safety belts that extend from the dolly base and clip shut to create a stable and secure load carrier.

The dolly also removes the need for shrink wrapping and its subsequent disposal.

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