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With warehouse space at a premium, Allibert Buckhorn has introduced a brand new version of its 1,200 x 1,000mm Maestro pallet, which features a unique load retaining collar, enabling outdoor storage of plastic containers and trays when not in use.

The extended collar Maestro pallet includes an off-set 25mm, for a full 1,200 x 1,000mm clear deck area, allowing empty Euro-sized containers to be stacked upside down on the pallet. This not only protects containers from the elements and combination but, with drainage holes incorporated in the collar, also allow easy drainage after washing.

The unique design of the pallet also means that 600 x 400mm sized cardboard boxes can be easily palletised and the high 25mm collar is ideal for retaining other bulky items as well as oversized containers. Extended collar Maestro comes with or without steel reinforcement, with either three or perimeter runners.

Stylish, hygienic and manufactured in food grade HDPE, the ‘smooth’ design means the pallet is free from dirt traps making it particularly suitable for use in storage, handling and distribution of food products and pharmaceuticals.

The Maestro pallet is compatible with all automatic and manual handling equipment and has a wide width fork entry slots to enable easy and speedy access for forklifts. Rounded corners allow secure stretch wrapping, there are anchoring points in the underside of the deck for strapping and bevelled runners ensure easy access for pallet truck rollers.

Tamper-proof RFID tags with read-write technology can be encapsulated into the pallet’s feet for permanent identification of ownership, stock management and tracking.

Heavy duty versions are reinforced with internal steel bars for handling loads of up to 1.6 tonnes on pallet racking, two tonnes dynamic (on forklift) or five tonnes static. The Maestro pallet is also suitable for freezing (to a temperature of up to -25°C) and can be fully recycled at the end of its long working life.

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