Forwarding group offers neutral representation

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A newly-launched consortium of European multimodal freight forwarders aims to introduce new standards of service and professionalism for freight agents in global markets who require service partners in Europe. Eurofreight Umbrella is the brainchild of 12 independent forwarders, whose members will offer break-bulk, clearance and delivery to consignees for agents on other markets such as the Far East and US. Where required, Eurofreight Umbrella members will also handle exports – from carrier selection, negotiation and booking through to packing, documentation, consolidation and containerisation.

In addition to a comprehensive range of import and export services, Eurofreight Umbrella will provide customer agents with a service pledge guaranteeing uniform service standards, total commercial neutrality and prompt payment of collect charges.

Eurofreight Umbrella currently has 13 members, including World Cargo (UK – Air and Sea).

Says Eurofreight Umbrella board director Guido Dyckmans: “The launch of Eurofreight Umbrella is a response to the mounting difficulties experienced by freight forwarders when trying to find neutral, independent representatives in Europe. The recent mergers in the industry have led to a steady reduction in available choice. Eurofreight Umbrella will open up agents’ options by providing independent representation, with an absolute guarantee of no contact with the shipper. Added to this, they have the convenience of using a single body to cover all individual, country-by-country basis. We are confident that successful; dealings with one member will lead to the use of others too – but agents using Eurofreight Umbrella will not be required to enter into any long-term contract.”

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