Secureseal gives load protection

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Commercial vehicle security

specialist The OEM Group is continuing to strengthen its business partnership with pre-retail and garment logistics service provider DTS Logistics, which has been working closely with Rubicon and Woolworth’s. Consequently, DTS Logistics has invested in excess of £2M in new vehicles and has ordered additional seals for the fleet to provide its customers with greater load protection.

The OEM Group provides DTS Logistics with Secureseal, a re-useable indicative mechanical seal and Secureloc, a re-useable barrier seal, with integrated lock, both have event-unique random security number generation for cargo doors and good vehicles. DTS Logistics had previously used both disposable and electronic seals, however Secureseal proved to be the most reliable and effective, resulting in DTS Logistics’ entire fleet being equipped with the seals. “Using Secureseal has enabled us to cut costs and improve loss prevention, through the use of tamper evident seals,” comments Paul Beltley, loss prevention manager at DTS Logistics.

DTS Logistics is continuing to enhance its use of seals by participating in trials and aiding in the advancement of Secureseal’s innovative technology.

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