Simulating FLT trainingSimulating FLT training

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Chesterfield-based Mentor FLT Training has developed a new way of assessing and training forklift truck drivers by using a simulator. Called Safetruck Training Simulator combines the state-of-the-art interactive training tool incorporates all the contract a driver uses on a counterbalance truck with the latest virtual reality computer technology to create real-life loading, unloading, transport, safe and unsafe situations.

The simulator has to be “driven” and behaves just like the real thing. It looks like the cab of a truck and has the same seating and controls. The difference is that it is static, occupies a small amount of space and features two virtual reality screens – one where the mast would be and other behind the driver’s seat.

The idea of the simulator is that a person’s potential as a forklift operator can be assessed before full training takes place, and without having to take the “real thing” off operational duties. It can also be used for refresher courses.

Mentor managing director Richard Shore (pictured right) explains: “Although there is currently no legal requirement for refresher training at regular intervals, every business that takes safety seriously should make such training mandatory, and record this information on their safety records.”

The actions of the person being trained on the simulator is recorded at all stages by the equipment’s computer.

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