DIY chain floored!

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B&Q’s new distribution centre at the Redhouse Interchange, Doncaster, features one of the biggest floor slabs that has been designed and installed by Twintec Industrial Flooring.

The project has a total combined area of 126,250sq m for internal and external floor slabs. However, the height of the building meant that “an extremely flat floor” was required for the reach trucks to operate efficiently and safely.

Twintec says that a wide aisle system of high bay pallet racking was chosen, and the new FM2 “Special” flatness tolerance specified achieved without the need for any remedial grinding.

Producing the floor internal slab in 25 days, the slab comprises 22,000cu m of concrete, 440 tonnes of steel fibres, 290 tonnes of dry shake topping, 33,000 litres of concrete admixtures and 12,500 litres of curing agent / sealer.

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