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Tibbett & Britten’s (T&B) long-term drinks logistics contract with Marks & Spencer (M&S) in the UK has been extended to include the management of all European inbound movements of beer, wines and spirits, mainly from France, Iberia, Italy, Germany and the UK.

For the past four years, T&B has just provided exclusive warehousing and UK deliveries to regional distribution centres (RDCs) for all of M&S’ imported red and white wines, champagnes, fortified wines, beers, coolers and spirits.

Tibbett is also extending the vendor-management inventory (VMI) programme for M&S by adding full track-and-trace functionality to the online stock visibility system, right back to order. Working closely with buyers, it will be responsible for managing M&S’ volumes to ensure maximum availability of all lines from lower stockholdings and with full visibility in the supply chain.

The retailer’s shipping arrangements have, until now, been made by buyers in conjunction with the suppliers, agents and consolidation partners. T&B now focuses on detailed flow planning of European-sourced merchandise into the warehouse. The buyer’s role will be simplified, and M&S will achieve better on-shelf availability for its ten million weekly customers with lower inventory.

Tibbett has taken on the role of fourth-party logistics supply chain manager, overseeing the existing and new transport and consolidation contracts including Gist, Freight Europe (SNCF), Vinolog as well as some of its own divisions.

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