Facilitate not frustrate, FTA president tells ec

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The EC must deal with five strategic logistics issues to ensure that the expanded European market realises its full potential, says FTA president and Exel chief executive John Allan.

According to Allan, the EC has used all its powers to interfere, regulate and frustrate transport instead of taking the opportunity to innovate, stimulate and lead improvement. It now has to deal with strategic issues:

Facilitating, not frustrating, manufacturing shift and single-point sourcing.

Cures for congested infrastructure.

Leadership on the skills shortage.

Liberalisation and harmonisation to fight restrictive markets.

Leadership in developing common protocols for Europe-wide technology.

Allan says: “The European logistics industry faces many challenges as Europe expands and it will only be by the European Commission seeking to understand better the markets it is creating and the economic forces it is unleashing that we will further increase efficiency and our position in the global market.”

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