Alliance to help firms adopt RFID

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RFID Solution Centre, part of Agility Systems, and OATSystems, a pioneer of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology framework software, have teamed up to help companies in the transport and logistics supply chain take full advantage of opportunities provided by RFID as well as apply the technology to their business practices.

OAT brings to the partnership a global network of retail and supply chain companies – it has completed several high-profile RFID projects for customers including Tesco, Hewlett-Packard and Gillette. RFID Solution Centre’s host and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration products complement OAT’s RFID suite, and enable logistics companies to identify and locate stock at any point in the supply chain process.

The partnership will commission an RFID capability study to determine which companies in the supply chain could benefit from RFID. Experts will then visit the relevant companies, carry out an in-depth analysis of their existing practices and help them to apply RIFD to their business models.

RFID reader-generated data can be converted into valuable, actionable information that could deliver a significant return on investment by capturing and analysing huge volumes of data. This data can improve product availability, highlight problem areas in the supply chain, reduce theft and counterfeiting, streamline logistics efficiency, and increase the accuracy of inventory and business forecasting.

Helen Mundy, business development manager at OAT (EMEA), says: “We are already working with major retailers such as Tesco and we are thrilled to form a strategic alliance with RFID Solution Centre. A growing requirement for transport and logistics companies is the integration of RFID to their existing supply chain systems. The RFID Solution centre can call upon staff with ten years’ experience of creating supply chain-centric integration services that meet the requirements of the transport and logistics supply chain.”

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