Logistics Manager and Supply Chain Business merge

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It seems that everybody is doing it. Deutsche Post and Exel are doing it. Kuehne & Nagel and ACR Logistics are doing it. And now Logistics Manager and Supply Chain Business are doing it. What we are all doing, of course, is getting together.
The case for consolidation is overwhelming. It creates larger, stronger organisations with the resources to innovate and serve their customers more effectively.

Logistics Manager, with its new strapline “The Supply Chain Business”, will bring together the best of its predecessors to provide comprehensive coverage of all aspects of logistics and supply chain operations. The mergers and acquisitions going on in the third party logistics market reflect the massive changes going on in global manufacturing and trade. At our recent TDG-sponsored round table, a group of supply chain leaders sketched out a world in which manufacturing is a truly international activity.

Components and sub-assemblies originating in the low-cost economies of the far east are assembled at sites close to their final markets in Europe and the US. Conventional factories have no place in such systems ? instead the emphasis is on efficient and agile supply chains. Logistics Manager will take the lead in reporting and analysing these cutting edge supply chain developments but we will never lose sight of the practical impact on day to day operations. Through case studies we will look at real-life practical solutions to logistics problems ? both in the warehouse and in transit.

Empowering logistics managers to deal with the rapid changes in supply chain thinking and practice is a critical issue for a sector which for too long has been seen as the ugly duckling of UK industry. From this issue we are launching a new section on professional development to highlight and encourage that. And these developments are being reflected on our web site. Not only does it contain all the latest industry news but it also has details hundreds of jobs in the supply chain.

We have exciting plans for the coming year so look out for more developments ahead.

Malory Davies FCILT,


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