Superdrug plans to open 35 new stores

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Superdrug, the UK’s second largest health and beauty retailer, is set to open at least 35 new stores. Superdrug, which is owned by the AS Watson group, said that it was on track to bring a store to “every UK high street” and will open at least 35 new outlets this year.

The company is set to invest £14.6m into the project which will create 350 new jobs. It plans to double the number of its central London stores and also expand into Ireland. Euan Sutherland, Superdrug’s managing director, said: “As we start the New Year, we’re confident in our formula for growth and that’s why we’ll be opening a brand new or re-branded store for Superdrug customers every single week this year.”

A spokesperson confirmed that as yet they are no plans to expand Superdrug’s distribution operations.

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