Awards 2013: Customer Service & Support

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Customer Service & Support, sponsored by Supply Chain Standard

Winner: Telefónica UK with DHL Supply Chain

Customer Service is a central element of an excellent supply chain, and the judges are always keen to find examples that stand out from the crowd. This year, they were not disappointed.
The top three entries for this Award were from McDonald’s UK with Martin Brower UK, Telefónica UK with DHL Supply Chain, and Jaguar Land Rover with Unipart Logistics.

Over the last 18 months McDonald’s with Martin Brower have redefined the restaurant’s supply chain, moving away from a box moving service to one that takes the burden off the restaurants, so that they can focus on the customer. Under the new structure, the customer service operation was decentralised to regional teams, numerous surveys were used to gain feedback, cross functional meetings were introduced and a range of service enhancing initiatives were introduced. The judges found the resulting benefits and improvements impressive, with on-time delivery increasing to 94 per cent, order proposal accuracy rising to 99.5 per cent and order lead-times reduced by 25 per cent.

Jaguar Land Rover with Unipart Logistics were able to demonstrate to the judges the reach and great complexity of Jaguar’s global aftermarket support operation. The results of the close collaboration between the two companies could clearly be seen in the impressive customer service statistics and customer satisfaction figures reported both by themselves and by external organisations.

But then there was the entry from Telefónica UK with DHL Supply Chain. This too demonstrated excellence in aligning the supply chain to the needs of the customer. Telefónica’s determination to constantly improve the customer experience was clearly evident. Working with DHL Supply Chain in a close collaboration that stretches back many years, the two companies have created a unified team around insights and management information that has constantly and successfully, engaged in trying to understand the customer, their desired requirements and the end-to-end supply chain that enables those desires to be met. It was a very tough choice for the judges, but on dedication to the customer Telefónica UK with DHL Supply Chain had the edge.

– Telefónica UK with DHL Supply Chain

– Arla Foods UK with OmPrompt
– Jaguar Land Rover with Unipart Logistics
– McDonald’s UK with Martin Brower UK
– Telefónica UK with DHL Supply Chain


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