ADT Europe wins RFID performance award

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EPCglobal has awarded its Performance Test Centre Accreditation Mark to the ADT European RFID Performance Lab.

The Accreditation Mark is awarded to companies who have successfully completed the EPCglobal Performance Test Centre Audit. It uses a standard set of performance test profiles to simulate real-world conditions in testing the readability of end-user products that are tagged with the Electronic Product Codes.

ADT’s European RFID Performance Lab is based in Echt in the Netherlands and is the second facility in Europe to gain EPCglobal accreditation. Globally, it will be only the fifth facility to gain the accreditation to date.

Gerrit Wassink, ADT Europe’s RFID general manager, said: “The EPCglobal accreditation process is extremely rigorous and this is a significant milestone to have reached. The RFID Performance Lab enables companies across Europe to test their products in a real-world environment. By placing products in an active RFID enabled warehouse, businesses can effectively simulate the processes involved in an RFID enabled supply chain ­ which is vital to ensure RFID roll-outs are successful.”

Chris Adcock, president of EPCglobal, said: “We are very pleased to add the ADT RFID Performance Lab to the list of EPCglobal Accredited Performance Test Centres. Our goal is to make it easy for end users to send their tagged shipments through their global supply chains and know those shipments will be read. The EPCglobal Performance Test Centre Accreditation Programme will help end users by providing them with accredited third party test facilities that can test their products for readability before those products enter the supply chain”.

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