Euromaster outsources its network with Vanco

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Vanco, pioneer of the Virtual Network Operator, has announced a new contract with Euromaster.

Vanco will responsible for the design, implementation and management of all Euromaster’s network telecommunication services and that of its end-users in Europe. Euromaster’s network currently services nearly 12,800 employees across 1,700 service centres in 10 countries including; UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.

Vanco will supply Euromaster with a custom end-to-end managed global solution, to handle all their voice and data traffic via landlines, voice switch (PBX), mobile phones, data transmissions (WAN), local area networks (LAN). Until now, Euromaster had de-centralised national telecoms services in each county, disparate technologies, country specific systems and a frame relay network connecting all their subsidiaries.

Gilson Santiago, information system and telecom director for Euromaster said: “We wanted to adopt a new sourcing strategy for our telecommunications needs to take advantage of the new technologies available on the market and also make the management of our network easier.”

“Managing and controlling the different contracts with multiple suppliers in each country had become very complicated. Vanco offered us a flexible and homogenous solution that perfectly meets our needs while reducing our telecoms costs by more than 20 per cent.”

The Vanco solution includes a MPLS core network able to cater for both existing and future new strategic applications for the Euromaster group. Services include the management of users’ fleet (remote access, mobile phone), 24×7 network management and access to Vanco’s O-Zone web portal, enabling a detailed online report in real time.

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