Virgin parts now more accessible

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The site features a combination of Link 51 pallet racking and shelving systems much of which is centred on a two-tier ‘floor over’ structure which was also installed by Link 51. Throughout, the location has been designed to accommodate and provide immediate access to parts of all sizes with storage units and fittings reflecting this diverse need.

“High volume and durable storage systems are provided by our Euro-shelving system at both levels,” says Bob Murphy, Link 51’s shelving and storage national sales manager. “The use of vertical dividers and independent storage bins and boxes allows Virgin Atlantic Engineering to hold the vast choice of part numbers associated with this type of operation.

“Adjacent to this, many larger items are stored on complementary pallet racking that provides five levels of back-to-back storage both for bulk items and large components such as fuselage panels.

“We have even been able to incorporate a series of segregation bars at floor level which allow aircraft wheels to be safely and securely held adjacent to selected shelving runs.”

The decision to relocate to a single facility reflects the growth that Virgin Atlantic Engineering has enjoyed in recent times.

Neil Johnson, logistics and technical services manager, says: “We have a growing world-wide fleet, now numbering 32 aircraft. This sees much of our work centred on routine maintenance but it is the nature of the airline operation that there are times when rapid, immediate requirements need to be satisfied. The ability to locate and retrieve the full range of parts from a single source makes a significant contribution to the efficiency levels that we can now achieve.”

The installation represents the latest in a series of facilities provided by Link 51 for Virgin Atlantic Engineering.

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