Solar power

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CA Group and Canadian Conserval Engineering have announced a partnership, giving CA Group the rights to manufacture and distribute SolarWall in the UK.

CA Group says that the high-tech cladding system stands to be the most exciting product launch in the company’s history.

SolarWall works by capturing energy from the sun and converting it into a current of warm air, which is circulated into the building to provide some or all of its daytime heating needs. The system can also be switched to direct warm air out of the building to help cool it in the summer.

Brian Watson, commercial director at CA Building Products, says: “It has taken until now for the system to reach the UK because until the 21st Century, low energy costs and relatively low environmental concerns meant that there was little or no motivation to invest in such products. Now, with Kyoto and global warming issues, demand is suddenly immense in the UK.”

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