The ultimate road trip

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Bob Sturman, son of legendary logistician Chris Sturman, is joining around 200 other vehicles in what must be the ultimate road trip.

The Mongolian Charity Rally will invite competitors to race from Hyde Park on the 22nd July 2006, to Ulaan Bantaa, the Mongolian capital. The rally has the full permission from the Mongolian authorities, for what the organisers describe as the “greatest adventure in the world.”

Bob says he is hoping to raise over £2,000 for charities including; Transaid, in what he describes as a “lapse in our own sanity”. During the race, he will be navigating 8,000 miles of terrain in a 1989 Fiat Panda, with no support crew. His journey will take him over two deserts, five mountain ranges and varying road conditions, ranging from good to non-existent.

Bob is still seeking support for the event. He said: “Given the timescale we know we are ambitious in our goals, however we have put our money where our mouths are, we have paid the entry fee, we have a vehicle and we are going.”

For more information please visit or if you would like to support Bob, please contact him on 07951 434 657.

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