Linpac fits new storage system for Peugeot

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Linpac Storage Systems has supplied a specialist racking system to Peugeot’s Coventry warehouse. The project saw a 5,000 sq m extension, fitted out with wide aisle pallet racking, designed to store large and irregular sized automotive parts.

The 34 acre Tile Hill facility is the UK parts division for Peugeot Citroen and over 60,000 different automotive parts are stored in the two main warehouses – Tile Hill North and Tile Hill South.

The warehouse and distribution centre supplies parts to over 500 Peugeot and Citroen dealers together with 270 Motaquip factors throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

Warehouse engineer for the project, John Broadbent, said: “Quite apart from the unusually shaped parts that were to be stored, the racking had to be designed around a Severn Trent drain,” explained Broadbent. “The drain ran diagonally across the field at the back of Tile Hill South, the designated area for our extension. It was re-routed to run straight across the extension and therefore the storage solution had to allow room for a way leave of two metres on either side of the pipe. Consequently the drain became a fundamental part of the storage design process.”

“Everything was finished in accordance with project plans – on time and in budget. Now that we have the specialist racking in the extension we’ve gained more regular pallet positions in the two main warehouses and our productivity has improved through greater handling efficiency of our large and irregular shaped parts.”

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