RFID container tracking

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Oracle and Savi Technology have joined forces to provide an information link to track in real-time the location of cargo containers shipped from Hong Kong to Japan.

The work has just been completed as a pilot project initiated by GS1 EPCglobal, the not-for-profit standards organization driving adoption of the Electronic Product Code to improve supply chain performance.

The project was the first time that real-time information generated from active, battery-powered RFID tags on sea containers was exchanged with EPC Information Services (EPCIS), a draft GS1 EPCglobal standard enabling trading partners to communicate in a common computer language on objects moving throughout the supply chain.

The communication interface with the EPCIS Server and Repository was enabled through integration of Oracle Sensor Edge Server, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, as well as Savi Site Manager operating software and active RFID tag and data collection systems.

“Reading RFID tags produces a vast amount of data all along a supply chain, and Oracle Sensor Edge Server is an essential part of capturing, interpreting and validating such a mass of information,” said Peggy Chen, principal product director, Oracle.

“Because of the wide variety of participants in a supply chain, open standards are essential to give all authorized people visibility of all of the critical events involved in the chain. Oracle has been working with EPCglobal for some time in the development of standards. Software, such as Oracle Sensor Edge Server and Oracle Sensor Data Manager, can work very effectively in this complex heterogeneous environment.”

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