Green route to deliveries

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Co-operative Group is a leader in using “green” technologies. Distribution to retail stores uses approximately 600 vehicles, delivering to stores from regional distribution centres nation-wide. Altogether the vehicles travel around 1,000,000 miles a week.

The group has been working with suppliers to identify opportunities for back-hauling so that, rather than have vehicles travelling empty on the return trip to depot, they pick up loads from suppliers and deliver them into the distribution network. Over 30 per cent of all chill and produce suppliers’ deliveries are now handled as part of this initiative.

A key part of the operation is the ACC Distribution subsidiary based at Chester-le-Street which specialises in the distribution and storage of chilled and frozen foods.

ACC operates a central hub cold store that is supported by seven regional consolidation centres and five frozen food facilities and it has the largest fleet of CNG lorries in the UK – there are 60 gas powered vehicles on the fleet.

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