The EUROLOG conference looks East

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The ELA’s EUROLOG conference will be given over to the subject of the new EU country entrants from Central and Eastern Europe, this year. It will be held in Budapest from June 10 to 12 and speakers will cover the following topics:

  • Macro logistics – Infrastructure and opportunities
  • Cultural differences – Managing people within new cultural boundaries
  • Financing – Focussing on the right indicators.
  • Collaboration – Creating new partnerships
  • Logistics services – Outsourcing in the new Europe
  • ICT, software and standards – Speaking a language that all can understand.
  • Development of supply chain excellence – Sharing best practice
  • East or Far East? – The opening frontiers.

The speakers’ forum
The speakers’ forum will include specialists from Central Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Austria) and from Western Europe (with speakers from the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and France) and represent major companies such as Philips, Phillip Morris, GE, Microsoft Business Solutions, Rynart, Flextronics and General Motors. Thus a comprehensive view of developments in logistics in Central and Eastern Europe will be obtained from 10 country perspectives in just a couple of days.

Speakers include: Mark Major/EU Enlargement Committee, Ali Kardjala/GE, Peer Witten/Otto Versand GmbH (DE, Endre Csonka/ÁTI Depo Rt (HU), János Ládonyi/Microsoft (HU), Mag. Otto Schwetz/TINA Vienna Transport Strategies (AT), Klaus B. Bapp/IFPMM (DE), Dr. Ireneusz Fechner & MSc. Grzegorz Szyska/Institute of Logistics and Warehousing (PL), Dr. Pál Szabó/Hungarian Post (HU), Gábor Bojár/Graphisoft (HU), Gilles Revellin/Schneider Electric Industries SAS (FR), Danone Unilever (UK), Edmund Matz/IBM Data Storage Systems (HU), Franz Jursa/Philips Consumer Electronics (AT), Joerg Kesting/PostBank Firmenkunden AG (DE), György Wáberer/Waberer’s Optimum Solution (HU), Oswald Werle/inet-logistics (AT), Willem J. van der Vegt/Rynart Group of Companies (NL), Ewa Iwicka/EAN International (BE), Hugo Fiege/Fiege Deutschland GmbH (DE), Franz Bauer- Kieslinger/Salomon Automation GmbH (AT), Stuart Johnstone/Banta Global Turnkey (UK) & Zsolt Fülöp/DELOG Ltd. (HU), Martin Hofer/ Wassermann AG (DE), Bernhard Goliasch/Flextronics (AT), Dr. Josef Cerny/ICZ a.s. (CZ), Prof. Dr. Wolf-Rüdiger Bretzke /BearingPoint Germany (DE), Oliver Ring/Festo AG & Co. KG (DE), Dr. Károly Wolf/GM Hungary, OSE Ltd. (HU), Oswald Grün/SSI Schaefer Noell GmbH (DE), Prof.Dr.Dr.h.c. Hans-Christian Pfohl/Darmstadt University of Technology (DE), Dr.-Ing. Stephan Mayer/A.T. Kearney GmbH (DE)

In addition to the conference, an Educators’ Day will take place on the Saturday.

Knowledge creation and transfer across frontiers
EUROLOG will allow for networking between speakers and participants during breaks and the Gala Dinner that will take place during a cruise on the Danube on the evening of June 10. This dinner will also mark the 20th anniversary of both the ELA and the Hungarian Logistics Association.

Entitled ‘Knowledge creation and transfer across frontiers’, speakers will include:

Prof. Hans-Christian Pfohl , Darmstadt University of Technology (DE), Prof. Lauri Ojala, Turku School of Economics and Business Administration (FI), Prof. Martin Christopher , Cranfield School of Management (UK), Prof. Peter Klaus , Friedrich- Alexander-Universität (DE), Prof. Tage Skjott-Larsen , Copenhagen Business School (DK), Prof. Zoltán Kovács , Faculty of Engineering, University of Veszprém (HU), Igor Kamocai, Mr. Endre Csonka (HU), Prof. Danuta Kisperska-Moron , The Karol Adamiecki University of Economics (PL), Prof. Attila Chikan , Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration (HU), Prof. Hervé Mathe , ESSEC (FR), Prof. Dusan Malindzak, University of Technology in Kosice (SL), Prof. Sebastian Kummer , Vienna School of Economics (AT) and Prof. Dr. Imre Knoll , Hungarian Logistics Association (HU).

For further information and registrations, please go to:

This Conference should not be missed by any executive interested in developments in the new EU countries.

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