Government plan to get tough with rogue hauliers

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Hauliers who flout the rules of the road face being fined and having their vehicles immobilised under new road safety measures unveiled for consultation today by roads minister Dr Stephen Ladyman.
The new measures promise to improve road safety by making it easier to penalise hauliers who break driving hours, weight or vehicle safety regulations.
The measures will also ensure that hauliers based outside Britain won’t escape punishment, as the police and inspectors from VOSA will assign on-the-spot fines to anyone without a valid British address. VOSA inspectors will also have the power to issue fixed penalty notices to offenders. The new powers will reduce the burden on the courts which are currently the only means of penalising overseas offenders.
“We’re calling time on drivers who think they can offend here and then disappear without risk of punishment. This is about making our roads safer and creating a level playing field across Europe,” said Ladyman.

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