Tanfield picks TNT

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Electric truck maker Tanfield has chosen TNT for the shipments of consignments around the UK and Europe.
The six-figure deal for TNT includes delivery of critical components from Europe to Tanfield’s two UK sites in the North East along with and the export of vehicle parts back to the Continent.
TNT currently handles up to 200 consignments each week with components weighing in at anywhere between a single kilo right up to a hefty 100 kilogram packages.
All of the parcel traffic is being routed through Tanfield’s local TNT Express depot in Durham and the nearby Durham and Tees Valley Airport, but the overall operation of parts flowing in from and back out to Europe, is being masterminded by TNT’s unique Automotive Control Centre in Northampton.
Last December TNT Express Services became first company to purchase and trial Tanfield’s 7.5-tonne Newton truck
Marc Magnus, spares & logistics manager for the Tanfield Group, said: “TNT provides us with an efficient and cost-effective service, which is vital to keep our assembly lines moving and our customers satisfied.”

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