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Crown has taken a step to help customers maximise asset utilisation and the value of their fleet with the introduction of the InfoLink wireless fleet management system.

Senior vice president Jim Moran says: “To deliver the operational cost savings our customers desire, we need to develop technology that provides them with information to manage their systems as efficiently as possible.”

InfoLink has an on-board operator interface that wirelessly communicates lift truck data to a central server using the network that most warehouses already have in place. Through InfoLink, warehouse managers can compile data on how many hours each truck is in operation; control who is allowed to operate any given truck; ensure that safety inspections are conducted by each operator; manage planned maintenance programs; and be alerted and track when and where trucks have been in a collision.

“Providing service support on a national basis can be difficult for pure software providers. We feel our established dealer network creates a competitive advantage for us,” says Moran.

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