76pc of commercial drivers want training for terror attacks

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76 per cent of commercial drivers and operators would like training to reduce the possibilities of their vehicle being hijacked or stolen in a terrorist attack, according to research by Fleet Source.

74 per cent of drivers are currently being offered little to no training to assist them in protecting their vehicles in this type of scenario.

Out of city operators are less concerned (42 per cent) about their vehicles being taken for use in a terror attack than those who frequently drive in the city (64 per cent).

“Following the recent major VAAW (Vehicle as a Weapon) incidents and with the UK being on a severe level of terrorist alert, we wanted to look at the industry’s views and opinions on the subject,” said Nick Caesari, managing director at Fleet Source, the company behind the recently launched ‘Terrorism Risk & Incident Prevention’ training for commercial fleet drivers. “These incidents are very real, and the industry should be doing all they can to prevent drivers from being involved in these horrific events.”

“This is a very serious matter, terrorists are opportunists and operators should consider implementing policies to prevent their drivers from allowing strangers into their cabs. For example, knowing what identification government authorities should be providing to be able to identify whether the individual is legitimate. Being educated on these policies can help protect drivers and the public from the risks of terrorism.”

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