Fuel monitoring

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Grocery retailer Aldi has chosen Liquid Management Solutions’ RFID based fuel monitoring system to refuel its Tamworth RDC fleet. With fuel prices on the increase the business needed to obtain 100 per cent accurate fuel management information. Management wanted to understand and deal with ‘heavy footed’ drivers who were costing the operation dearly in extra fuel usage.

In a move away from the existing standardised key driven fuel-monitoring system the company favoured the RFID system because of its capabilities to automatically recognise the vehicles, taking away the need for drivers to carry any cumbersome keys.

This RFID based fuelling technology, which is engineered and manufactured by Hectronic has been operational across Europe for a number of years.

The driver puts the nozzle into the vehicle tank inlet, which is fitted with a pre-programmed RFID antenna. The RFID nozzle then recognises the vehicle automatically, activating the pump for fuelling. At this point an in-cab vehicle transmitter transmits a 100 per cent accurate odometer reading via the antenna / nozzle relationship with no driver intervention. Should the driver take the nozzle out of the vehicle tank, fuelling stops immediately as the RFID signal is severed.

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